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We Replace Standard Supply
With Green Energy

The Prefered Energy Replacement Specialist

We are a team of young passionate energy entrepreneurs with a sole purpose and drive to assist property owners to access clean energy 

Energy that is reliable, retrofittable, cost effective, dependable, that can be stored/backed up for use.

We have designed and delivered both Solar Photo Voltaic and Solar Thermal solutions for both the residential and commercial sectors and aligned them with our very own energy reform process.

Why Choose Us

Qualified Technicians

Our solar installation teams has the experience and expertise to make sure your system is installed 100% right and fully compliant.

25 year Warranty

We offer up to 25 yr warranty on inverters and solar panels. Our solar systems are monitored 24/7 for your peace of mind and minimal down time.

Save Money

Solar power saves you money from the onset. Furthermore, for commercial installations, enjoy the accelerated tax benefit allowance for solar power.

Simplifying and Making
Going Solar Easy

Our Energy Solutions

Our energy reform process had been designed for the property sector, to allow for the implementation of a full “tier 1” Solar system, that will take your property 100% off the grid, but with a grid tied process for redundancy when needed

The Urban Energy solution also comes with added benefits like (Zero CAPEX investment, reduction in electricity cost, Maintenance processes, Performance monitoring, Insurance cover & Renewable reform energy) and much more…

Take Your Property off the Grid

With our 3 step process, you can take your property off the grid in the space of a couple of days

Step 1

Make contact with us so that we can initiate the process with a formal evaluation of your property to understand the Solar energy need.

We will send one of our trusted and approved installers to come and do a full solar need analysis.

Step 2

Our energy evaluation process will let us design and process your solar needs to allow us to provide you with a state of the art “tier 1” system.

We will reform the energy needs and align it with your current energy bill so that the billing process is totally solar-driven.

Step 3

With the energy reform process done we can implement and install your new solar system completely free of charge with all the bells and whistles.

All you need to do is simply sit back and enjoy your new source of energy without paying a cent more for electricity or for your solar system.

Benefit With Solar


Solar power is an alternative, renewable energy source that helps make the planet greener and can also give solar powered homes and businesses great financial incentives and tax credits.
Taking your property off the grid allows homeowners to be free of load shedding, be in control of the energy pricing and ensure that their property has added value.

Many homeowners consider solar energy because of these benefits but are unsure of how solar energy works and ultimately the cost of taking a property off the grid with solar scares every homeowner. Understanding the basics of how solar energy can power your home or business and how we at Urban Energy facilitate the energy reform process, is important as this will change your view from the onset.

We are now offering a 0% finance model

Let’s start with a quick overview of the benefits of solar energy as it relates
to your home or business on our all-inclusive model.

No Maintenance Costs

We take full responsibility for the system so you don’t have to. We install, insure, and maintain the system at all times.

No Capital Investment

There are no upfront costs for switching to solar as we provide the Solar system to homeowners at no cost.

Savings Assessment

See how much money you can save from day one with our energy reform process.

Save the Environment

By switching to solar, you make the planet a better place with clean and renewable energy.

Your Solar System Completely Free

Zero Capital Investment

No capital needed to have access to your very own Solar system

Zero Deposit

No upfront deposit requirements

Zero Monthly Repayments

No monthly fees are charged for paying off your solar system

Get your FREE solar system today
and Go Off-Grid?


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