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Integrated into the solutions we provide access to dedicated SOS panics for organisations, schools, universities, government, businesses, security companies, medical institutions, property owners, complex/estates, homeowners

These are citizen-centric and can be adapted to suit certain application needs in your own brand


 The SOS Panics is a perfect solution for various industries with multiple aplications







Why use SmartPanics?

The SmartPanics online connection with the monitoring center grants each user personalized attention for each of the incidents reported from the application. When sending an alert, the user can also access different multimedia functions along with the sending of the event such as

Global application for emergency communication and incident management

SmartPanics is an application that allows users to report incidents to authorities in an easy and quick way, with multiple control and management functions. It has 5 fully customizable buttons

Get started on your SOS PANIC journey

Be safer, whenever, wherever you are in the world with global SOS access



Global Access to SOS services

24/7 Tracking

Emergency Services Access

Main functions


SmartPanics allows sending Emergency, Assistance, and Fire events reporting the exact location to the monitoring center.

These bigger buttons automatically adjust according to the services of the company. For example: there are companies that only offer monitoring for SOS and Assistance buttons, in this case for “My Alarms” only 2 buttons will be visible and they will cover the entire screen.

On My Way


The button called On my way allows activating a countdown, according to the time of arrival to a declared destination, activating a “Virtual Companion”.

This function supports auto-photo sending during the tour. In addition, you can schedule a personalized notification to certain contacts indicating the path initiated and the time it will take to arrive to your destination


One minute before the time is up, the user will receive an alert to prevent the triggering of false alarms, allowing the extension of the countdown in case it has been delayed, or the cancellation of it in case it has arrived safely to its destination.

If the countdown reaches zero, the monitoring center will be notified immediately, indicating geolocation of the person in emergency and including the possibility of remotely activating the camera and microphone to see and hear what is happening

Here I am


The button called Here I am, reports the exact location of the user on the map in a simple and immediate way.
Whoever presses it will be informing the administrators of the group of its location via push message with the possibility of adding a written message, audio, photo, and video (for example, the teenage son or daughter of a family to their parents when arriving at a friend’s house or either in commercial use, a street vendor upon arrival at the address of a customer)

My Accounts


Provides access to all the fixed monitoring accounts of the user, with the possibility of checking the latest events, with different filters by type of event and quantity.
In addition, it allows visualizing all the information of each one: general information, users, zones, contacts, schedules, calls, notifications, information of the panel of alarm, etc




My Vehicles


The user can access the location of all the vehicles on the map, check location history, report of events received, and general information, such as registration, year, model, and a photograph of the selected mobile

My Group


It allows unifying the control of family or work safety, integrating the SmartPanics of multiple members in a group. These members may be categorized as administrators or members. The administrators can visualize the current and historical location of the members, visualize their events, define alert geofences when entering or exiting a delimited area and change the tracking settings. You can also define maximum speed per user and generate excess alerts. Alerts will be notified via direct Push notifications to the users’ Apps



Each user member can define inclusion or exclusion geofences. Administrators can create them from their apps and the system activates them in the Member Apps. Those interested to know the members who enter and/or leave each delimited area can define alerts by using Push notifications



Each app can be configured to report a position to the server, according to a time-distance calculation routine, these 2 parameters can be set for each user as required. The administrators of a group can turn the apps of the members on or off as well as the time and distance. The position report works with the app in the background, even if the user is not using it

My Alerts


This tab consists of an extra keypad with up to 12 customizable commands with its icon and name, depending on the service provided. It allows the user of the app to make complaints, and at the same time, it helps with the typing, traceability and preparation of statistics by the monitoring center

My Cameras


Integrates all user video sources (webcams, dvr, nvr, and others) compatible with rtsp in the application. All the equipment can be selected from a menu or displayed on a grid, to have access to live images

Push Notifications


The service allows using “balloons” to notify all matters of interest of the user through their Apps.
Each one of them can receive immediate alerts on their cell phone when a member of their group is in an emergency. In addition, if the MY ACCOUNTS or MY MOBILES services are activated, they may receive reports of events generated from these targets, as an alternative to email or SMS. In the same way, they can be notified massively about: security tips, account status, promotions, etc

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